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Innovation of Zeolite Modified Polyethersulfone Hollow Fibre Membrane for Haemodialysis of Creatinine

Bella Prelina1, Januardi Wardana1, Ahya Isyatir R.1, Zakiyatus Syukriyah1, Siti Wafiroh1, Yanuardi Raharjo1, Murobbiyatul Wathoniyyah1, Alfa Akuista Widati1, Mochamad Zakki Fahmi1,
1 Faculty of Science and Technology, Universitas Airlangga, Mulyorejo-Surabaya 60115, Indonesia
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Zeolites were added to polyethersulphone (PES) membranes in order to enhance their capability of attracting creatinine. Zeolite was blended with PES by varying its doping concentration and time, and the mechanical properties of the resulting hollow fibre membranes produced under optimal concentration were characterised. The values of tensile stress, tensile strain and Young’s modulus, as well as the flux and rejection of the membranes were determined.

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