Instructions to authors

Proceedings of the congress include a collection of abstracts and book of articles.
Abstracts and articles should be prepared in English, in electronic form.
Abstract – 1-2 pages, article – up to 15 pages.
The following file formats are acceptable: Microsoft Word document (doc) and black-and-white picture (wmf or compressed tiff, the later with resolution 300 dpi).
Abstracts and articles should be formatted according to the following requirements:
• A4 paper format;
• 2 cm horizontal and vertical margins;
• affiliation of each author should be clearly indicated using lower-case letters in superscripts (a, b, c etc.);
• presenting author’s name should be underlined;
• 12pt Times-family font;
• single-spaced text.
Abstracts and/or articles please submit before 1st September 2015 on e-mails and
Registration form please sends to the organizers before 1st August 2015 on e-mails and