Synthesis, Structure and Properties of Copper(II) Chelates with Benzimidazole-2-N-Arylcarbothioamides

Olga Gordienko1, Taras Titov1, Anatoliy Ranskiy1, Olexander Gumenchuk2
1 Vinnytsia National Technical University, 95 Khmelnytske shose, 21021 Vinnytsia, Ukraine 2 Vinnitsa Research and Experimental Forensic Center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine 8 V.Porika St., 21021 Vinnytsia, Ukraine
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Coordination compounds of general formula CuL have been obtained via complexation of copper(II) acetates and chlorides, as well as precipitated Cu(OH)2 with benzimidazole-2-N-arylcarbothioamides (HLI-IV). Monocrystal of [Cu(C16H14N3S)2]i-C3H7OH complex has been obtained by slow evaporation of CuL chelate saturated solution in isopropyl alcohol. The obtained compounds were investigated by means of elemental, XRD analysis and IR-spectroscopy. The investigated crystal structure is a solvate of copper(II) crystal complex of [Cu(C16H14N3S)2] composition and isopropyl alcohol with the ratio of 1:1. The central atom of copper(II) is coordinated by two atoms of nitrogen and sulfur of deprotonated thioamide ligand. Antiwear and antifriction properties of lubricating compositions based on I-20A industrial oil and synthesized CuL complexes have been examined.

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