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Synthesis of Heterocyclic Thioamides and Copper(II) Coordination Compounds Based on Them

Anatoliy Ranskiy, Natalia Didenko and Olga Gordienko
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Arylamides of hetaryl-2-thiocarbonic acid were synthesized via Willgerodt–Kindler modified reaction. The final products were studied by means of chemical analysis, IR- and 1H NMR-spectroscopy. The coordination compounds of the general formula [Cu(HL4)Cl2]2] • хCH3OH (х = 0, 2) were obtained via traditional and direct synthesis based on benzimidazol-2-N-(4-ethoxyphenyl)carbothiamide (HL4). Using X-ray analysis the molecular and crystal structures of [Cu(HL4)Cl2]2] • 2CH3OH complex were determined.

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