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Production of Iron, Titanium Dioxide Modofocations and Titanium

Asif Mammadov1, 2, Gunel Pashazade1, Afarida Gasymova1, Ulviya Sharifova1
1 Nagiyev Institute of Catalysis and Inorganic Chemistry ANAS, 113, H. Javid Ave., AZ 1134, Baku, Azerbaijan 2 Azerbaijan Technical University, 25, H. Javid Ave., AZ-1073 Baku, Azerbaijan
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Conditions for the reduction of titanium-magnetite concentrates (main components are Fe 52–54 % and TiO2 5–7 %) by natural gas for obtaining iron powder and titanium fraction were studied. Based on the theory of granulation in the drum apparatus, granules with 25 % of soda fluxing additive with optimum diameter, humidity, strength and porosity were obtained. It was found that the reduction reactions in the temperature range of 1143–1198 K are carried out if a mixture of hydrogen and carbon monoxide is added to the natural gas in amount of 15 vol %. Block-diagrams for processing titanium-magnetite concentrates for the production of iron powder α-Fe (purity 99 %), anatase and rutile modifications of titanium dioxide (99 % TiO2) and titanium with a purity of 99% are presented.

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