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Preparation and properties of (epoxy resin)/(nylon 6,6 oligomer) blends

Jason Bragg, Alberto Alvarez-Castillo, Monica Trejo-Duran and Victor Castano
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A series of polymer alloys based on different compositions of Nylon 6,6 oligomers (NYL66Oґs) and epoxy resin have been prepared. The oligomer was extracted from the waste residues of the industrial production of nylon 6,6 and was dissolved in the epoxy resin. The mixture was crosslinked at 333 K using dodecenylsuccinic anhydre (DDSA) as a curing agent. The tensile strength and flexural modulus were found to increase with the addition of NYLO66O up to a maximum value of 2 wt % oligomer content. Both, the tensile and impact strength show a maximum increase due to the addition of 35 wt % NYLO66O. The compressive strength testing revealed a considerable increase, up to 87 %, over that of the neat epoxy with the addition of 1 wt % NYLO66O. An interesting relationship between the mechanical properties and the developed morphology of the blends has been found.

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