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Peculiarities of Peroxide-Containing Reactive Copolymers Synthesis

Volodymyr Samaryk, Natalya Nosova, Sergiy Varvarenko, Ihor Tarnavchyk, Nataliia Puzko and Stanislav Voronov
Lviv Polytechnic National University 12, S. Bandera str., 79013 Lviv, Ukraine
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This work deals with the study of radical copolymerization of higher esters of (meth)acrylic acid with peroxide monomer, 5-tert-butylperoxy-5-methyl-2-hexene-3-yne showing the properties of a weak inhibitor. Due to the mentioned and other features of investigated process, the composition of obtained copolymer cannot be adequately described with known Mayo-Lewis and Scaits equations. The analysis of kinetic data has allowed to propose differential equation of copolymer composition for investigated systems. A technique of quasi-stationary concentrations was not used during its derivation. The obtained equation includes a rate constant of chain break to the monomer and allows to predict the composition of peroxide-containing copolymer adequately. It should be taken into consideration that the derived equation can be also applied for other polymeric systems where chain break significantly affects the reagent, especially during the formation of copolymers with low polymerization degree and in the absence of noticeable quadratic break of macroradicals in the system.

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