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Obtaining of Brown Pigments from Concentrated Waste Water Containing Nickel

Liliya Frolova and Alexander Pivovarov
Ukrainian State Chemical Technology University 8, Gagarina Ave., 49005 Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine;
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The possibility of obtaining brown pigments with the use of blast furnace slag from waste water containing nickel is justified. The scheme of the main reactions is proposed. The kinetics of the reactions is studied. The contribution of the chemical interaction into the overall degree of treatment is established by potentiometric titration. The influence of the main factors on the degree of nickel extraction is determined. The phase composition of the formed pigment is established with the help of X-ray analysis. Rheological properties of the pigment particles are set. The main color characteristics of the obtained products are identified by visual and spectrophotometric way. X-ray microanalysis indicated the presence of the two phases in the obtained precipitate. Dispersed and phase compositions of the original slag determine the rheological properties of the pigment. By varying the synthesis parameters, the obtained patterns provide us with possibility of receiving pigments of the color from light brown to deep brown.

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