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The Influence of Chemical Structure of Chromophore on Polymerization of Methacrylic Azomonomers

Oksana Nadtoka and Volodymyr Syromyatnikov
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Methacrylic azomonomers based on para-aminoacetanilide suitable for preparation of liquid crystal (LC) photoaligning functionalized polymers were synthesized. Azofragments include various aromatic rings: benzene, naphthalene, 8-oxyquinoline, and thiazole derivatives. The kinetics of polymerization of synthesized azomonomers was studied. Efficient polymerization constants K of thermo-induced radical polymerization are presented. The relative activities r1 and r2 were calculated by the Fineman-Ross method. It was shown that the nature of the aromatic ring in azochromofore influences polymerization rate by two ways: steric effect and chemical structure. Thus, structurally coloured (co)polymers based on synthesized monomers were obtained and the absorption spectra of polymer films were recorded. We have used different electron donor and electron-acceptor groups (push–pull effect creation) in rings to enhance absorption and charge transfer properties. The structure–property relationship has been studied, which allowed us to conclude that push-pull effect influences absorption maximum shift of synthesized polymers.

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