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Electrical and Electrochemical Properties of Li[Ni0.5 Co0.25 Mn0.25]O2 Cathode Material

Godavarthi Prathibha, Pitcheri Rosaiah, Bommireddy Reddy, Kapu Ganesh and Obili Hussain
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In the present study a mixed hydroxide method has been employed to prepare Li[Ni0.5Co0.25Mn0.25]O2 from the precursors and electrical and electrochemical properties have been studied. X-ray diffraction studies of the synthesized powder exhibited predominant (003) orientation corresponding to hexagonal layered structure. The average grain size estimated from SEM data is about 1.0 µm. The impedance measurements have been carried out in the frequency range of 1 Hz – 1 MHz and within the temperature range of 303–373 K. The temperature dependent conductivity was observed to follow the Arrhenius relation and the estimated activation energy is 0.21 eV. The electrochemical performance was studied by cyclic voltametry and charge-discharge measurements.

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