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Catalytic Activity of Binary and Triple Systems Based on Redox Inactive Metal Compound, LiSt and Additives of Monodentate Ligands-Modifiers: DMF, HMPA and PhOH, in Selective Ethylbenzene Oxidation with Dioxygen

Ludmila Matienko, Larisa Mosolova, Vladimir Binyukov and Gennady Zaikov
Emanuel Institute of Biochemical Physics, Russian Academy of Sciences, 4, Kosygin St., 119334 Moscow, Russia
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Mechanism of catalysis with binary and triple catalytic systems based on redox inactive metal (lithium) compound {LiSt+L2} and {LiSt+L2+PhOH} (L2=DMF or HMPA), in the selective ethylbenzene oxidation by dioxygen into -phenylethyl hydroperoxide is researched. The results are compared with catalysis by nickel-lithium triple system {NiII(acac)2+LiSt+PhOH} in selective ethylbenzene oxidation to PEH. The role of H-bonding in mechanism of catalysis is discussed. The possibility of the stable supramolecular nanostructures formation on the basis of triple systems, {LiSt+L2+PhOH}, due to intermolecular H-bonds, is researched with the AFM method.

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