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Advancement in Applicability of Carbon Nanotubes in Progressive Fuel Cells

Snatika Sarkar and Vijaya Ilango
BITS Pilani, Dubai Campus, Dubai International Academic City, P.O. Box: 345055, Dubai, UAE;
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Energy conservation is an important issue in a world that is still largely dependent on non-renewable energy resources. Despite the growing awareness about the advantages of renewable resources, fossil fuels in the form of coal and petroleum dominate the energy consumption scenario. The primary reason for this situation is the greater commercial viability of fossil fuels. Fuel cells are an important, environment friendly means of utilizing the energy stored in hydrogen. It is however, essential to strive towards making them more economical for commercial use. This paper focuses on proton exchange membrane fuel cells (PEMFC) and usage of carbon nanotubes for increased efficiency. The paper also discusses a possible material that may find potential application in the fuel cell as an alternative to the carbon nanotubes existing so far.

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