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Ultralight Surface-Active Systems for Preventing Liquid Hydrocarbons Evaporation

Olena Spas’ka
National Aviation University, 1 Komarova Ave., 03680 Kyiv, Ukraine;
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Evaporation from the surface of hydrocarbon liquids without cover, at applying native glass microspheres cover, and coated with ultralight surfactant system including microspheres has been investigated. A series of ultralight surface-active systems that interact with the surface of the microspheres and prevent evaporation of hydro-carbon liquids by 98‒99.6 % has been developed. For the first time it was found that native gas-filled glass microspheres of low density (200‒410 kg/m3) while providing excellent buoyancy do not protect but increase the evaporation of individual saturated hydrocarbons of homologous series C5‒C10.

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