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Synthesis and Evaluation of Arylimino Pyridine Nickel(II) Catalysts: Influence of Substituents on Polyethylene Structure

Luiz F. Rocha, Leonardo C. Ferreira and Maria F. Marques
Instituto de Macromoleculas Professora Eloisa Mano, Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro RJ, Cidade Universitaria – Centro de Tecnologia – Bloco J. POBox 68525. CEP: 21945-970 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil;
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The asymmetric arylimino pyridine Ni(II) catalysts have been examined with different substituents including diisopropyl, diethyl, fluoro, and chloro groups. The influence of these substituents and variation of ethylene pressure on the catalytic activity, crystalline structure, as well as on thermal properties of polyethylene has been investigated. The result show that complexes with substituent alkyl groups, which provide the increased electron density on the metal center (o-diethyl and o-diisopropyl) exhibit higher activity, compared to those with electron acceptors substituents (o-fluoro and o-chloro).

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