The Study of Calcium Hydroxide Structure and its Physico-Chemical and Electrokinetic Properties in Sugar Production

Lidiia Vyerchenko1, Serhii Tkachenko1, Tamila Sheiko1, Tetiana Kos1, Olha Dzhohan1, Volodymyr Vasyliv2
1 Institute of Food Resources, National Academy of Agrarian Sciences of Ukraine, 4, A. Yevhena Sverstiuka St., 02002 Kyiv, Ukraine 2 National University of Life and Environment Sciences of Ukraine, 15, Heroiv Oborony St., 03041 Kyiv, Ukraine
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This article discusses the influence of the methods of lime cream generation and its physico-chemical properties on raw juice purification process. It offers some measures for the raw juice clarification process failure prevention that stem from the methods of lime cream preparation. The electrokinetic potential of the lime cream is studied and the structure of calcium hydroxide micelle is proposed.

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