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The Selective Ethylbenzene Oxidation by Dioxygen into -Phenyl Ethyl Hydroperoxide, Catalyzed with Triple Catalytic System {NiII(acac)2+NaSt(LiSt)+PhOH}. Formation of Nanostructures {NiII(acac)2•NaSt•(PhOH)}n with Assistance of Intermolecular H-Bonds

Ludmila Matienko, Vladimir Binyukov, Larisa Mosolova and Gennady Zaikov
N. M. Emanuel Institute of Biochemical Physics, Russian Academy of Sciences, 4, Kosygina str., 119334 Moscow, Russian Federation;,
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The role of intra- and intermolecular H-bonds in mechanisms of catalysis with triple heterobinuclear hetero ligand complexes NiII(acac)2∙NaSt(LiSt)∙PhOH, including nickel and redox-inactive metal Na(Li), in the ethylbenzene oxidation by dioxygen into -phenyl ethyl hydroperoxide is discussed. The AFM method has been used for research of the stable supramolecular nanostructures formation possibility on the basis of triple complex NiII(acac)2∙NaSt∙PhOH, with the assistance of intermolecular H-bonds.

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