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On the Processes of the Charge Transfer in the Electrical Conducting Polymer Materials

Tamaz Marsagishvili1, Jimsher Aneli2 and Gennady Zaikov3
1 Institute of Electrochemistry of I. Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University, 11, Mindeli str., 0186 Tbilisi, Georgia 2 R. Dvali Institute of Machine Mechanics; 3 N. Emanuel Institute of Biochemical Physics, 4, Kosygin str., Moscow, Russia;
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The analysis of charge transfer processes in the electrical conducting solid polymer systems has been carried out. The processes in these systems are divided to two types. The first type is the process of charge transfer between electrodes and particles while the second one – the process of the charge transfer between conductive particles. The description of medium is carried out using Green temperature functions of polarization operators for the molecular medium. It permits taking into account the effects of frequency and space dispersion. The analytical expressions for kinetic parameters of the charge transfer processes from electrodes to particles and between particles in condensed matter have been obtained. The comparison of the general theoretical dependence of the current in electric conducting polymer composites (ECPC) on the average distance between conducting particles with analogical dependence for some real ECPC are presented in the paper.

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