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Physical-Chemical Properties of Jet Fuel Blends with Components Derived from Rape Oil

Anna Iakovlieva1, Oksana Vovk1, Sergii Boichenko2, Kazimierz Lejda2 and Hubert Kuszewski2
1 National Aviation University 1, Komarova Ave., office 1.402, 03058 Kyiv, Ukraine; 2 Rzeszow University of Technology, 35-95,9 Povstancov Warshavy Ave., 8 Rzeszow, Poland
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The work is devoted to the development of alternative jet fuel blended with rapeseed oil-derived biocomponents and study of their physical-chemical properties. The modification of conventional jet fuel by rapeseed oil esters was chosen for this work among the variety of technologies for alternative jet fuels development. The main characteristics of conventional jet fuel and three kinds of biocomponents were determined and compared to the standards requirements to jet fuel of Jet A-1 grade. The most important or identifying physical-chemical properties of jet fuels were determined for the scope of this study. Among them are: density, viscosity, fractional composition, freezing point and net heat of combustion. The influence of rapeseed oil-derived biocomponents on the mentioned above characteristics of blended jet fuels was studied and explained.

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