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Effect of coal quality on its desulphurization 1. influence of the organic matter

Serhiy Pysh’yev, Volodymyr Gunka, Olena Astakhova, Yuri Prysiazhnyi and Michael Bratychak
Lviv Polytechnic National University 12 St. Bandery str., 79013 Lviv, Ukraine
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The desulphurization process of different coal types has been studied. The coal was treated by air-steam mixture in the fluidized-bed reactor under the conditions similar to isothermal ones. The influence of temperature and oxidant composition affecting the pyrite (which is the coal component) chemical conversion on the desulphurization efficiency has been investigated for coals with different metamorphism degree. The dry and wet samples of anthracite and brown coal were compared in order to propose the direction of brown coal pyrite conversion followed by the hydrogen sulphide production.

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