The Cylindrical Superlattices SnS/SnS2: Model of Structure and Diffraction

Oleg Figovsky1, Dmitry Pashin2, Zufar Khalitov2, Diana Valeeva2 and Andrey Chkanov2
1International Nanotechnology Research Center “Polymate”, Migdal Haemek 23100, Israel 2Kazan National Research Technical University, 10, K. Marx str., Kazan, Tatarstan 420111, Russia
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The cylindrical superlattices are realized on a basis of mixed-layer nanotubes SnS/SnS2. The superperiod is formed due to the longitudinal goffering of nanotubes structure as a result of lattices disproportion of cylindrical layers SnS and SnS2. The simple model of structure is proposed, specific diffraction effects are analyzed.

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