Kostyantyn Marysyuk
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Penal colony #18 (old name –98/18) of the Ministry of the Federal system of implementation of punishments of Russian Federation on the Yamalo-Nenets autonomous district, more known after the unofficial name “Arctic Owl”, is one of five colonies of the special mode for maintenance of convict to life imprisonment in Russia. The mentioned colony is one of such type in Russia, located after the Arctic circle. In the investigated colony actually held out about 400 convict by the state on a middle in 2014. Chambers for maintenance of convict in the colony #18 divided into two types – for tendon and for single. The inhabited chambers show a soba an apartment by an area 14 sq.m. They have two berths made out of metallic corner, welded on to the wall and to the terminator. A tablet hat also is in a chamber is set thus, that it was possible to sit after him only sideways, manned by a bench breadthways a 10 cm. Water, stands and mounted mirrors, are not in chambers. Windows are stopped up by a brick, instead of them the left cracks by a size 30 to 90 cm. with two metallic terminators. Chambers are illuminated two bulbs by power 30 W, that are located in a niche above doors and after terminator. Batteries in chambers are rarely heated highe, than to 30 degrees, though on such conditions getting around it is impossible, as terminators are set in the distance one meter from batteries. Two terminators are set from the side of the door – one in the door, and second – in a meter from them. Single chambers that is yet used and as penalty insulator shave a size 1 to 3 m. There are no any shell, table and wall outlets in single chambers. An apartment is illuminated one bulb by power 60 W above doors and behind bars. There are no window, and his place is stopped up by a brick. Colony #18 is subdivision capable to function in autonomous behavior. The vital functions of establishment are provided by own objects: boiler room, diesel power-station, bakery, dining-room. In addition, there is an auto workshop on territory of colony, areas for the production of the macadam, joiner's, marble, lathe and sewing workshops, shoe workshop. Except that, on territory a pig farm, poultry factory, are built for convict of area of colonysettlement. Among the most known convict of the investigated attendance centre where serial killer О. Pichushkin, killer-militiaman D. Yewsiukow, chechenian field commander N. Kulayev, “Bielgorod’ pointer” S. Pomazun, and well-known businessman, co-founder of bank “Menatep” P. Lyebedev.

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