An analytical basis for the generation of NPP emergency operation limiting pressure-temperature curves

Kutsenko O., Kadenko I., Kharytonov O., Sakhno N.
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An analytical solution of the non-stationary axisymmetric thermoelasticity problem of the pressurized thermal shock event for unbounded two-layered elastic cylinder has been proposed. The physical and mechanical properties of the cylinder materials were assumed to be temperature independent. The thermal boundary conditions correspond to the stepwise medium temperature drop at the inner cylinder surface. The outer cylinder surface has been considered as heat-insulated. Given solution has been applied to the development of analytical basis for the generation of nuclear power plant emergency operation limiting pressure-temperature curves. The comparison of the results of analytical approach with the results of finite-element analysis performed for real, temperature-dependent material properties has been carried out. The accuracy of the analytical results is shown to be sufficient for the application of the given analytical approach for the generation of the limiting curves.
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Math. Model. Comput. Vol.3, No.1, pp.79-89 (2016)