ACPS Vol. 1, No. 1, 2016

A foreword from the Editor

Anatoliy O. Melnyk. Cyber-physical systems multilayer platform and research framework 2

Mykola M. Mykyychuk, Svyatoslav P. Yatsyshyn, Bohdan I. Stadnyk, Yaroslav T. Lutsyk. Smart Measuring Instruments for Cyber-Physical Systems 8

Vasyl О. Yatsuk and Mykola M. Mykyjchuk. Remote Errors Correction of Multi-Channel Cyber-Physical Measuring Systems 16

Ihor M. Buchma.Errors of Phase Shift Measuring by Algorithmic Sum-Difference Methods from Amplitudes Inequality and Their Reduction Methods 22

Anatoliy O. Melnyk, Viktor A. Melnyk, Liubomyr O. Tsyhylyk. Tasks Scaling with Chameleon© C2HDL Design Tool in Self-Configurable Computer Systems Based on Partially Reconfigurable FPGAs 30

Viktor A. Melnyk. Self-Configurable FPGA-Based Computer Systems: Basics and Proof of Concept 37

Maxim P. Musiyenko, Iryna M. Zhuravska, Ivan S. Burlachenko, and Oleksii O. Denysov. The Principles of the Cyber-Physical Components' Organization Based on the Methods of the Multi-Agent Interaction of the Moving Objects 48

Andriy M. Salo. Vending Cyber Physical Systems Architecture 58