Effect of combine motion on variation of resonance properties in liquid sloshing problems

Konstantinov O. V., Limarchenko O. S., Semenovich K. O.
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Variation of resonant properties of the system liquid – structure caused by changes of distribution of normal frequencies is under consideration. It was shown that different types of mobility of carrying body (translational or rotational motion with different types of constraints) causes growth of normal frequencies, which correspond to antisymmetric oscillations of a liquid free surface, while the rest of frequencies do not change. General arrangement of normal frequencies, which corresponds to the case of immovable reservoir, is considerably violated. In this case some new types of internal resonances in liquid – structure systems are manifested. Two basic problems with redistribution of sequence of normal frequencies were investigated, namely, parametric resonance of movable in translational direction cylindrical reservoir in the Faraday generalized problem and forced motion of liquid in cylindrical reservoir on pendulum with different lengths of suspension. Some general regularities of development of dynamical processes in these systems are discussed.
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Math. Model. Comput. Vol.2, No.1, pp.48-57 (2015)